Pain Management Following Joint Surgery

It is inevitable that you will experience pain following a joint replacement surgery. However, the skilled team at Sauk Prairie Healthcare Joint Replacement Center is dedicated to providing you with pain management services that will help you to more easily move through the joint replacement process. Dr. Hebert, Dr. Niedermeier, Dr. Lamson, Curtis Johnson, CRNA, Dr. Kruse, Sarah Cook, RN from Sauk Prairie Healthcare help answer the question “How will I manage pain after joint replacement surgery?”


The staff, including orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists (pain doctors), nurses and therapists are all there to support you with a specialized plan that is suited for you.

We provide joint replacement surgeries to many residents in our region including the Sauk Prairie area, Baraboo, Madison, Middleton, Reedsburg, Lodi, Wauknakee, and many other areas.

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