Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and Injury Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Sports Medicine:

From young children to active retirees, our providers treat a variety of musculoskeletal ailments including strains, sprains, tendinitis, fractures, sports concussions, and arthritis, as well as medical problems unique to the female athlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, and a variety of other weekend warrior sports enthusiasts from mudders to golfers. Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Sports Medicine team includes a connected network of professionals to help prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries.

What is a Sports Medicine Doctor?
Our primary care sports medicine physicians have significant specialized training in treatment and prevention of injury and illness. We help both athletes and every day, active individuals of all ages to function at their highest level and minimize disability or time away from sports, work or school.

As specialists in non-operative treatments of musculoskeletal conditions, sports medicine physicians can treat the majority of sports injuries and expedite appropriate referrals to physical therapy or an orthopedic surgeon if needed.

What We Do:
Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s Sport Medicine doctors work closely with our orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, certified athletic trainers and team coaches, to provide comprehensive sports primary care and a wide range of treatment options.

  • Acute injuries such as ankle sprains, joint injuries, dislocations and non-surgical fractures
  • Overuse injuries including stress fractures, tendonitis and osteoarthritis
  • Concussion evaluation and treatment
  • Exercise prescriptions for people who want to become more active
  • Injury prevention
  • “Return to play” decisions for injured or ill athletes
  • Pre-participation physical examinations
  • Healthy lifestyle and exercise promotion
  • Recommendations on safe strength training and conditioning exercises
  • Nutrition, supplements, and performance issues
  • Non-surgical treatments for sports injuries including platelet-rich plasma injections and ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections

Our team includes:

Sports Training