Occupational Therapists

Diane Buckley, COTA

Diane Buckley COTA Occupational Therapist

Diane works at the Wellspring Campus specializing in shoulder rehab, work hardening, stroke rehab, as well as orthopedic and general medical diagnoses. Learn more about Diane here.

Peg Faludi, OTR

Peg Faludi OTR Occupational Therapist

Peg works at Sauk Prairie Hospital as well as the Wellspring campus on shoulder surgeries, injuries or pain, lymphedema swelling of arms or legs, Functional Capacity Evaluations and work hardening as well as women’s health issues like incontinence training and fibromyalgia. Learn more about Peg here.

Sarah Hellenbrand, OTR

Sarah Hellenbrand Occupational Therapist

Sarah practices Occupational Therapy at Lodi Clinic, Sauk Prairie Hospital and Wellspring Campus specializing in splinting and hand therapy. Learn more about Sarah here.

Lynne Schneeberger, OTR

Lynne Schaeeberger Occupational Therapist 

At River Valley Clinic, Lynne specializes in splinting and hand therapy and is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. Learn more about Lynne here.