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What Makes the Joint Health Center Special?

When you may require orthopedic care or joint replacement surgery, the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Joint Replacement Center is available for you. Dr. Lamson, Kathy Straub, PT, Dr. Rosenthal, Curtis Johnson, CRNA and Dr. Hebert from Sauk Prairie Healthcare explain what makes this place special.


Joint replacement surgery can be a necessary procedure. When that time arrives you want to receive your treatment and care at a place with experienced doctors, nurses rehab, and staff.

Our skilled providers and staff have provided many joint replacement procedures including:

  • Shoulder replacement surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Other orthopedic surgery procedures

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How Will I Know It’s Time to Have a Joint Replacement Surgery?

When is it time to have a joint replacement surgery? Often the shoulder pain, knee pain, or hip pain will lead you to your doctor to determine if a joint replacement surgery is right for you. In this video, Dr. Rosenthal, Dr. Kruse and Dr. Niedermeier from Sauk Prairie Healthcare and two patients explain how to know if it’s time.


The orthopedic surgeons at Sauk Prairie Healthcare have significant experience in joint replacement surgery and other types of orthopedic surgeries.

The entire staff of doctors, nurses, and rehabilitation staff provide you with the care that will get you back on the road to recovery to experience the life that you once had.

To learn more about our joint replacement center, call us at 608-643-3311.


Pain Management Following Joint Surgery

It is inevitable that you will experience pain following a joint replacement surgery. However, the skilled team at Sauk Prairie Healthcare Joint Replacement Center is dedicated to providing you with pain management services that will help you to more easily move through the joint replacement process. Dr. Hebert, Dr. Niedermeier, Dr. Lamson, Curtis Johnson, CRNA, Dr. Kruse, Sarah Cook, RN from Sauk Prairie Healthcare help answer the question “How will I manage pain after joint replacement surgery?”


The staff, including orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists (pain doctors), nurses and therapists are all there to support you with a specialized plan that is suited for you.

We provide joint replacement surgeries to many residents in our region including the Sauk Prairie area, Baraboo, Madison, Middleton, Reedsburg, Lodi, Wauknakee, and many other areas.

To learn more about the Sauk Prairie Healthcare Joint Replacement Center, call us at 608-643-3311.


Rehabilitation After Joint Surgery – Sauk Prairie Joint Replacement Center

What rehabilitation and therapy will you need after a joint replacement surgery? The program at Sauk Prairie Joint Replacement Center is helpful for allowing those who have had joint surgery, to return back to their normal activities sooner. Dr. Niedermeier, Kathy Straub, PT, Dr. Rosenthal, Dr. Lamson, Dr. Kruse and Dr. Hebert talk about the rehabilitation patients can expect after their surgery.

Patients work with talented therapists to help them reduce pain, improve motion and return to the activities that they we’re doing prior to their orthopedic surgery.

To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 608-643-3311.