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Knee Replacement Surgery – A Patient’s Story

John Alt, a knee replacement surgery patient at Sauk Prairie Healthcare tells his story about his surgery experience.

Alt tells his unique story of the journey he went through for his knee surgery. From the pre-operation information and classes, to the staff, nurses, therapists, and doctors, Mr. Alt describes his wonderful experience that he had in a time that can certainly increase a patient’s anxiety.

Not only does he feel that he was very well informed of the knee replacement surgery plan prior to his surgery, but he was also impressed with the overall care provided by the doctors, nurses and therapists to rehabilitate him after the surgery was completed.

Mr. Alt is now able to get back to his normal life, enjoying the activities that he was no longer able to do prior to his surgery thanks to his knee replacement surgery at Sauk Prairie Healthcare.

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Endurance Training for Athletes

Endurance training for athletes is an important phase of their athletic endeavors. Proper training can improve athletic performance and prevent sports injuries in endurance athletes, such as long distance runners or triathletes.

Dr. Masaru Furukawa, an athlete himself, enjoys helping athletes with their training goals and caring for athletes who have been involved in a sports related injury.

In this video, Dr. Furukawa, a family and sports medicine physician, talks about the importance of endurance training for athletes.

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